Things You Need To Know About Limo Services Ct

Traveling in groups from one place to another would be the hassle especially if you are unfamiliar with the destination. Whether you are going for a leisure travel or traveling for official business matters, it would be best to look for reliable transport services for better traveling experience.


Reliable means on time and convenient, and this is what CT Airlink Limousine and Car Service is all about. CT Airlink Limousine and Car Service offers airport and car transportation services at reasonable rates, which are perfect deals for families and business groups. Their professional drivers will accompany you to a smooth traveling experience to and from your destinations.

Choose the right transport service that you need

The great thing about CT Airlink Service is that they provide on-time transportation services in northeastern states, particularly in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and as far as Connecticut and Massachusetts. Depending on the number of passengers, you can choose to have Limo Service CT or stick to their usual car services. For more information about their transportation services, check out the following details:

Limo and Car Services

The Limousine option is perfect for families and business groups but if you prefer car services, they have Sedan and SUV options to accommodate you and your companions. CT Airlink Sedan is recommended for a group of four passengers. For SUV services, they use the Chevrolet Suburban vehicle, which is the good option for the maximum of six passengers, each having standard pieces of luggage.

Airport Transportation and Airport Shuttle Services

CT Airlink also caters airport transportation in John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark, and Westchester County Airports. You can also choose to have private charter services if your group is comprised of up to 40 passengers.

To make reservations with CT Airlink, go to their website and simply fill up their contact form. For those who wish to communicate with CT Airlink through telephone, you can dial 1-203-706-9996 or send them an email at for further inquiries.

They operate seven days a week where online reservations work 24/7 while phone calls are entertained from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM only. You can check their website for the entire list of cities and corresponding fare rates to your selected destination. If it happens that you cannot find the city where you are traveling, just click the ‘Quick Quote’ button to generate the fare rate.